Westercon 50 Committee Listing

As of 6/26/97
Name Title Department or Division
Sally Woehrle Chairman Chair
Glenda Hedden Secretary Secretary
Alex Lavenz Assistant to Secretary Secretary
Veronica Lavenz Staff Newsletter Secretary
Erick Hammersmark E-Mail Secretary
Kevin Standlee Business Meeting Westercon Business
John Lorentz   Westercon Business
Roger Wells Parlimentarian Westercon Business
Cricket Fox Site Selection Westercon Business
Richard Wright Locus Liaison Locus Awards
Don Glover Fan Historicon Liaison Fan Historicon
Dick O'Shea Treasurer Treasury
Ann Garman Treasury Assistant Treasury
Lisa Woodings Information Information Services
George Nyhen Information Assistant Information Services
Daron Fredericks Sales to Members Information Services
George Nyhen Publications Information, Publications
Karen Jarvis Speaker-to-Printers Information, Publications
Michael Brocha Program Book Editor Information, Publications
Steve Adams Pocket Program Editor Information, Publications
R'ykandar Korra'ti (Dar) Daily Zine Editor Information, Publications
Diane Scirica Daily Zine Staff Information, Publications
Carl Kurfess Daily Zine duplication, etc Information, Publications
Katrina Nyder Information Collector Information, Publications
Vickie Bligh Registration Information, Registration
Rick Bligh Registration Assistant Information, Registration
Chris Sullivan Registration Assistant Information, Registration
? Registration Shift Supervisor Information, Registration
Robert Taylor Publicity Information, Publicity
Tim Ketron Info Desk Information, Publicity
Kris Samuelson Info Desk Assistant Information, Publicity
Jack Beslanwitch WEB Page Information, Publicity
Bobbie DuFault Club/Fan Liaison Information, Publicity
LouAnna Valentine Site Site Services
Larry Baker Site Assistant Site Services
William Sadorus Hotel Liason Site Services
Lyn Blyden ADA Coordinator Site Services
Les Ungerleider ADA Assistant Site Services
Elinor Fadgen Office & Operations Site, Operations
Clint Whiteside Office Assistant Site, Operations
Dale Ward Volunteers Site, Operations
Gene Armstrong Security, Club/Fan Liaison Site, Operations
Sean Troop (McGurn) Security Assistant Site, Operations
? Dispatch Site, Operations
Ben Schreiber Logistics Site, Logistics
? Move-in/Move-out Site, Logistics
? Recycling Site, Logistics
? Transportation Site, Logistics
? Storage Site, Logistics
Jo Seaver Static Programming Site, Static Programming
Jo Seaver Art Show Site, Static Programming
Art Boulton Print Shop Site, Static Programming
Janice Murray Fanzines Site, Static Programming
Jane & Conrad Larsen Merchant's Row Site, Static Programming
Eric Weber Program Operations Site, Program Operations
Jeff Carnegie Program Operations, Tech Site, Program Operations
Michael Citrak Program Operations, Tech Asst Site, Program Operations
Becky Simpson Program Operations, Tech Asst Site, Program Operations
Jesse Simpson Program Operations, Tech Asst Site, Program Operations
Paul Wocken Program Operations, Tech Asst Site, Program Operations
Jonathan B. Adkins Stage Management Site, Program Operations
Robert Verde Technical Support Site, Program Operations
Kathleen Miles Tech Assistant Site, Program Operations
Jessica Holmon Children & Teen Services Site, Children & Teen Services
Shannon Hillinger KidKon Site, KidKon
? Parking Tsar Site Services
Phil Zack Programming Programming
Yvonne Richardson Programming Assistant Programming
Patrick Porter Continuous Programming Continuous Programming
Matt Hyra Gaming Coordinator Continuous Programming
Mike Lee Gaming Assistant Continuous Programming
Marjorie Rosen Hospitality Continuous Programming
Kat Hiller Hospitality Assistant Continuous Programming
Russ Rudesill Video Programming Continuous Programming
Hugh Gregory Science Video Programming Continuous Programming
Linda Deneroff Program Coordinator Programming Services
Allyson M. W. Dyar Green Room, Guest Liaison Programming Services
Judith Herman Guest Liaison Programming Services
Meghan D. Lancaster Guest Liaison Programming Services
Val & Ron Ontell Guest Liaisons Programming Services
Marie Sandvig Guest Liaison Programming Services
Keith Johnson Extravaganzas Programming, Extrvaganzas
Louanna Valentine Extravaganza Assistant Programming, Extrvaganzas
Eric Weber Extravaganza Assistant Programming, Extrvaganzas
Jeff Carnegie Extravaganza Assistant Programming, Extrvaganzas
Robert Verde Extravaganza Assistant Programming, Extrvaganzas
Kieth Johnson JMS B5 Presentation Programming, Extrvaganzas
Elinor Fadgen Casino Programming, Extrvaganzas
Lisa Gordon Pahtar Fun Club Programming, Extrvaganzas
Shawn Marier Stardance Programming, Extrvaganzas
William Sadorus Stardance Programming, Extrvaganzas
Todd Clark Geoduck Dance Programming, Extrvaganzas
Kieth Johnson Cantina Dance Programming, Extrvaganzas
Dannae Gard Cantina Dance Programming, Extrvaganzas
Phil Zack Opening/Closing Ceremonies Programming, Extrvaganzas
John Hertz Regency Dance Programming, Extrvaganzas
Peggy Stewart Masquerade Director Programming, Extrvaganzas
Rob Stewart Masquerade Assistant Programming, Extrvaganzas
Yvonne Richardson Track Programming Track Programming
Mickey Schultz Writer's Workshop Track Programming
Karen Rall Filk & Cabaret, Guest Liaison Track Programming
Ashley J. Harper Filk & Cabaret Assistant Track Programming
Calvin Taylor Westercon 50 Adventure Programming, Adventure
Windy Lewis Props Mistress Programming, Adventure

Last Updated on 6/26/97
By Jack Beslanwitch
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