Planes, Trains and Automobiles


How to get to Westercon 50

For specific schedules be sure to check out
the Metro Riderlink page

By Plane:

Take any airline to SeaTac airport. From there, you have some options. You can spend lots of money on a cab to the Sheraton Hotel, near the Convention Center in downtown Seattle. You can rent a car, and follow signs to the highway, and I/5 northbound (see car directions). You can take Metro bus #194 (or #174) at the lower roadway, near baggage claim (see bus information). You can take one of the following shutttles: Gray Line Airport Express (626-6088); Shuttle Express Airporter (286-8400 or 1-800-942-0711)


By Train:

Take Amtrack to Seattle. AMTRAK service - 303 S. Jackson St. 464-1930 or 1-800-872-7245 (reservations required for all trains). From Vancouver, B.C. train #753, the Mount Baker International runs daily, arriving in Seattle at 9:55 P.M. From Eugene OR (via Portland) train #750, the Scadia runs daily, arriving in Seattle at 12:45 P.M. From Portland, OR, train # 752, the Mount Adams runs daily, arriving in Seattle at 4:50 P.M. From Los Angeles, CA (via Oakland, Sacramento, Portland) train #14, the Coast Starlight runs daily, arriving in Seattle at 7:55 P.M. From Chicago (via Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Fargo, Grand Forks, Spokane) train #7, the Empire Builder, leaves Chicago M, W, F, Sat, arriving in Seattle at 10:30 A.M. From Chicago (via Omaha, Denver, Ogden, Boise, Portland) train # 25, the Pioneer leaves Chicago T, Th, Sun, arriving Seattle at 7 P.M. (Note: check with Amtrak as the fate of the Pioneer and possible augmentation of service for the Empire Builder to daily is uncertain)

You will arrive at the King Street Station in Seattle. From there you can take a cab about 17 blocks to the Sheraton Hotel, near the Convention Center. Or to take a Metro bus, walk 1 block north (to Jackson Street) and 1 to 2 blocks east (to 4th or 5th Avenue) and take a #7, #14 or #36 bus. The #14 drives right past the hotel. You can also go into the International District bus tunnel station at 5th and Jackson, and take any bus to the Westlake Center station.


By Automobile:

From the North - Take I-5 southbound to the Union Street Exit, #165B. This puts you on Union Street at 7th Avenue. Continue one block to 6th Avenue, and turn right. The entrance to the Sheraton is on your right.

From the South - Take I-5 northbound to the Seneca Street exit, #165. This takes you to the intersection of Seneca and 6th Avenue heading north. Continue two blocks, past Union Street. The Sheraton is on your right.

From the East - Take I-90 west to I-5 north. Before you actually join the main line of I-5 northbound, take the Madison Street exit. At the light (Madison St.) go left. At the next light (6th Ave.) go right (north). Cotninue several blocks, past Union Street. The Sheraton is on your right.

From the West - See the ferry information.

Parking in the Seattle Hotel Garage is discounted for members of Westercon 50, but is still fairly expensive. For information on alternative parking areas, got to the information table at the convention.


By Bus:

Commercial Carrier - Greyhound, Cascade Trailways, & Gray Line Anacortes service. Take any bus to the Greyhound Bus Terminal, 8th Ave. & Stewart St., Seattle (624-3456). This is approximately 4 blocks from the Sheraton.

Metro, municipal bus service - Remember that Metro drivers are helpful. As long as they are not overly rushed, they are happy to help you get where you are going. When you get on, tell them where you are going (6th and Pike, downtown Seattle) and they will advise you where is the best stop to get off, and if there is any other bus to transfer to. You can get on any bus and ride anywhere in the Metro system, even changing busses, for at most, $1.60. Ask for a transfer when you pay, if you think you will need to change busses to reach your destination. Children from 5-17 years old pay $0.75 for any trip. All bus stops are marked with signs that specify what busses stop there. Downtown Seattle is a Ride Free Area from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M. This area is roughly from S.Jackson Street, north to Battery Street, and from the waterfront, east to 6th Avenue. Any bus ride completely within this area is free during those hours. All bus tunnel stations are within the Ride Free Area. Most buses, and all busses in the bus tunnel are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Pay your fare as you board the bus. On buses traveling out of downtown Seattle, you board, then pay when you exit. Deposit the exact fare in US currency in the correct slots. The busses accept one dollar bills, but do not give change. Be prepared with dimes and quarters. For more information call (206) 553-3000.

Arriving - The various busses to downtown Seattle end up on one of a few routes. Some of them end up in the bus tunnel. If yours does, get off at the Westlake Center bus tunnel station at 5th Avenue and Pine Street. From the Westlake Center station, go 1 block south and 1 block east to the Sheraton.

Some busses end up on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Avenues, going north or south. Ask the driver to let you off closest to Pike or Union streets. Walk east, along Pike or Union, to 6th Avenue. The Sheraton is on 6th Avenue, between Pike and Union.


By Monorail:

Service between Westlake Center (5th & Pine) and Seattle Center (441-6038). From Westlake Center, go 1 block south and 1 block east to the Sheraton.


By Ferry:

Washington State Ferries (464-6400) to downtown Seattle from Bremerton and Bainbridge arrive at Pier 52, the Coleman Dock, on Alaskan Way at Marion Street. These ferries take cars or walking passengers. If you drove onto the ferry, you will be directed onto Alaskan Way southbound. Take a left (east) up the hill to 6th Avenue, go left (north) on 6th and continue past Union Street. The Sheraton will be on your right. If you walked onto the ferry, take bus # 302 or 305 up the hill, and transfer to anorth-south bus. Or, take the Waterfront Streetcar south to the International District bus tunnel (the street car drops you across the street from the tunnel) and take the bus tunnel to Westlake Center.

Seattle/Victoria B.C.Service

The Victoria Line Ltd. Has daily auto/passenger service. For information, call (250) 480-5555 or 1 800 668-1167. The Victoria Clipper offers daily passenger only service to Pier 69 in Seattle. For reservations, call (206) 448-5000, or 1-800 888-2535 outside the Seattle area. Both of these ferries are near a stop for the Waterfront Streetcar. For more information, contact the ferry line.

By Spatial-Temporal Displacement Device:

For Grennal-compatible STDDs, hold destination at 8510.4698, 794.8002, AF9. Set route to 45P-1997/04/07/1100. On Thomsonite machines, make sure your era setting is adjusted to 48.756. Make sure you have enough reserve power for emergency unmanned returns. We recommend the MINIC camouflage program as it seems to duplicate era automobiles very nicely.