Westercon 50 Writer's Workshops

Guidelines for the Westercon 50 Writer's Workshop

Presented by the Fairwood Writer's Group

The Fairwood Writers are pleased to sponsor the writing workshop for
Westercon 50 in 1997.  We will accept both short and long fiction
submissions according to the following manuscript guidelines:

*Short fiction must be complete and no longer than 10,000 words (up to  a
maximum of three manuscripts).
*Long fiction, including novels, novellas, etc., must be only submitted  in
part; we will accept three chapters or complete sections totaling   no more
than 15,000 words.  You must also include a complete outline
 for the peice.  A short synopsis (1000 words max.) would be a welcome
*All fiction must be in proper manuscript form:
        -1 inch margins on all sides
        -Type must be double-spaced
        -Font no smaller than 12-point size (Courier preferred)
        -First page must include:
                .Author's name and address in upper left corner
                .Approximate word count in upper right corner
                .Story title (start halfway down page)
        -Upper right corner of second page (and following pages) must
                .Story title (shortened if necessary)
                .Author's last name
                .Page number
        -Use underlining instead of italics
        -Do not use boldface

        Remember, just like editors everywhere, we will not read illegible
manuscripts, especially dot matrix print that is too light.  If your printer
ribbon needs to be replaced, either get a new one, borrow one, or print on
someone else's printer!  If all else fails, you can always use a typewriter
(if anyone remembers how).
        Deadline for submissions is May 7, 1997.  All manuscripts handled
after the deadline will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.
        Send your manuscripts to:
                Westercon 50 Writer's Workshops
                c/o Fairwood Writers Group
                ATTN: Kevin F. Kerr
                34125 186th Ave. SE
                Auburn, WA  98092

        Please provide sufficient postage for mailing, although return
postage is not required (unless you cannot be present to pick up your
manuscript and critiques at Westercon).  Manuscripts sent C.O.D or with
insufficient postage will be returned unread.
        If you have any questions or comments, please address them to
Westercon, care of the Fairwood Writers, or you can send e-mail via
Kevink@stlabs.com.  The Fairwood Writers, and all writers from the con that
participate in the workshop, look forward to reading your stories and
meeting you at Westercon.

        Thanks to Patrick Swenson and Kevin Kerr for providing the guidelines.

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